• At LA-PA, we believe you can have accessible eyewear without compromising on quality and style. As an independent eyewear brand based in Los Angeles, California, we dream big but operate small and are able to offer our customers the most exceptionally high-quality, unique and modern designs at a fair price.

  • As product enthusiasts, quality and design are our priority. With decades of experience creating eyewear for some of the biggest luxury fashion houses in the world, we have taken our in-depth knowledge for designing best-selling frames and translated it into each and every last detail of our signature sunglasses collection. With craftsmanship at the heart of everything we do, each pair of LA-PA frames boast superior materials, authentic shapes, and exclusive design elements.

  • Inspired by the architecture of some of the biggest metropolitan cities around the world – from Manhattan to Rio de Janeiro – our eyewear nods to the historic neighborhoods that are deeply-rooted in diverse cultures and influences. Taking note from the clean, geometric lines of the streets to the vibrant energy of these global cities, LA-PA celebrates international style.

  • We created LA-PA with a mission of inclusivity. By bridging the gap in the marketplace, we hope to give everyone the opportunity to access high quality, on-trend eyewear without the hefty price-tag you find with bigger name brands.

    As an independent brand, our frames are handcrafted with the same top materials and quality craftsmanship as other luxury brands but without the excessive markups.

Behind the Design: Tatiana De Arruda

Originating from Brazil, Tatiana De Arruda is an accomplished designer and creative director who began her career in furniture design before discovering her true passion for eyewear. With a background in Industrial Design and decades of experience in eyewear design, she worked with the biggest eyewear companies in the world, designing for iconic fashion houses like Calvin Klein, Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger. In 2018, Tatiana took on a new challenge as the creative and design director in Los Angeles, collaborating with notable American brands like Converse and John Varvatos.

Inspired by her years of experience, she founded her own eyewear label, LA-PA, with a mission to offer high-quality, on-trend eyewear at a fair price, making it inclusive and accessible to all. Tatiana's journey is a testament to her dedication, creativity, and commitment to bridging the gap in the fashion eyewear industry.